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The internet has changed the game for businesses around the globe. Now, even the smallest company can get seen by millions of people. Unfortunately, it also means that there is a whole lot more competition. How can your business take advantage of the huge potential of the internet, and get a big leg up on the competition?

In a word, SEO. Search Engine Optimization means that people searching for your business will see your site at the top of search engine results, and that means you’re bringing in visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer. SEO isn’t just as simple as some magic phrase, however: it requires a lot of expertise, and there are a lot of potential pitfalls.

Enter Complete SEO Package. Our name tells you exactly what to expect: a complete SEO package, tailored to the needs of your site, bringing you the eyeballs that are the lifeblood of businesses online. Check out our packages below, or contact us by phone or using the form on the right, and get your website jumping.

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6 SEO Reports
  • $150
  • 6 PDF Reports
  • DIY SEO Plan
Local SEO
  • $850 / month
  • Local Businesses
  • SEO + Google Places

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Professional SEO services include

  • Link management

    Keeping your links relevant and common is an SEO key. We can help you manage your links, both in and out, to ensure proper analysis by search crawlers.

  • Keyword analysis

    We’ll handle managing and implementing your keyword strategy for maximum effect and without penalizing your position.

  • Page Rank

    Only Google knows the company’s precise algorithm, but we have the expertise to give you the guidance you need to attain the page rank you deserve.

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Client Testimonials

All the Difference in the World!

" My laundry service was doing all right, but I really wanted to make it grow. When I contacted Complete SEO Package, they were extremely helpful, and found me a great SEO solution in my budget. Since they started, we've picked up some institutional contracts and opened two new locations! "

John K., Business Owner

Amazing Service

" I've tried a lot of ways of promoting my firm over the years. When I finally tried advertising online, I was using ads which cost me money for each click. One of my clients suggested I look at Complete SEO Package, and thank goodness they did!

I've more than tripled my traffic, and I'm spending a fraction of what ads were costing me! Thanks, Complete SEO Package! "

Pam, Lawyer

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